LIWA Aquatics Accreditation 

Q: What does accreditation mean?

A: Accreditation is the arrangement established by the Western Australian Department of Health to verify that aquatic industry personnel maintain the required qualifications as stated in Section 6.2.1 of Code of Practice for the Design, Construction, Operation, Management and Maintenance of Aquatic Facilities.


Q: What is LIWA Aquatics role in the accreditation process?

A: LIWA Aquatics is the body that has been referenced in the Code of Practice to provide the accreditation process on behalf of the Western Australian Department of Health.


Q: Why do I need to be accredited?

A: The accreditation process will ensure that only qualified well trained industry personnel are responsible for the operation, supervision and delivery of emergency care in a Group One Aquatic Facility.


Q: What happens if I am not accredited?

A: If you are not accredited you are working outside the Western Australian Department of Health Code of Practice and Industry Guidelines. By association this means you are in breach of Health (Aquatic Facilities) Regulations 2007. The Accreditation is to remain at the Aquatic Centre and be made available, when requested by an Environmental Health Officer from the Department of Health WA.


Q: How do I become accredited to LIWA Aquatics?

A: By completing the attached documentation, providing copies of the required qualifications and payment of the prescribed fee.


Q: How do I stay accredited to LIWA Aquatics?

A: By undertaking the prescribed professional development over a three year period and by maintaining your pool lifeguard and first aid qualifications


Q: How long am I accredited for?

A: For a three year period (as long as your pool lifeguard and first aid qualifications are maintained)


Q: Is there a cost involved to accredit?

A: Yes, there is an administration fee payable if you are not a current financial member of LIWA Aquatics.  For Members of LIWA Aquatics accreditation is a membership benefit.  Fees are currently (as of 2019) $360 for 3 years accreditation (Many members have been approved to pay this off annually at $120 pa)


Q: What happens if I miss my payment for accreditation, am I no longer accredited?

A:  If you have been approved to pay your accreditation fees annually, you need to ensure the payments are paid on time to maintain your financial fees and membership currency with LIWA.  Whilst your Accreditation is still valid for the period on your certificate, your membership and financial fees will have expired and you will be in arrears when you apply for re-acccreditation for the years not paid.  (Note: Accreditation will not be re-issued until all fees are paid (Members that miss payments may not be approved to pay annually and will be required to pay the 3 years up front when repllying for Accreditation)


Q:  What do I get for this fee?

A:  The offical Aquatic Industry Journal fo LIWA Aquatics (Aquatic Recreation Australia), regular industry updates through an e-Newsletter, Social media and website media releases, discounted fee to conferences and seminars, online updates and other professional services if required.


Q:  Can I be just a member of LIWA Aquatics as I don't need accreditation?

A:  Yes, anyone that has some form a connection to the aquatic indsutry can be a member of LIWA Aquatics, (Centre Managers, Lifeguards, Other Aquatic Staff, Commercial Businesses that provided products/services to the aquatic indsutry.  LIWA Aquatic membership will only provide benefit though to those who work directly or indirectly with the aquatic industry.  We have Individual and Business Memberships.


Q:  What is considered Professional Development (PD) to maintain my accreditation?

A:  When reapplying for Accreditation LIWA Aquatics accepts the following PD sessions (but is not limited to):

  • LIWA Aquatics State Conference, North West or Country Pool Manger Seminars
  • Other Aquatic industry Conferences or Seminars (ie NSW, VIC, SA, QLD)
  • Advanced First Aid (HLTAID007) or Advanced Resuscitation (HLTAID006) courses
  • Confined Space, Fire Extinguisher, Warden Training
  • Safe Chemical Handling, Hazardous Chemicals training
  • Supervision courses (ie Pool Super Vision)
  • Emergency Scenario Training (ie Red Zone Training)
  • Bullying, harassment in the workplace
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Any other course that relates to your work and role as a Pool (Technical Operator).

Courses that are Not considered PD (but not limited to):

  • Bronze Medallion, Pool Lifeguard Award & First Aid Certificate (HLTAID003) (Most of these are mandatory qualifications required for Pool Managers and are not considered Professional Development training
  • Swimming or Sports Coaching certificates (ie AUSTSWIM)
  • Any course that does not relate to your work or role as a Pool (Technical Operator).
    If you are unsure if your PD session is acceptable, please get in contact with LIWA Aquatics to discuss. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (08) 9383 8238

Accreditation Case Study

All holders of LIWA Aquatics accreditation meet the following criteria:

• Evidence of successful completion of a recognised pool operators' training course.
• A current Provide First Aid Certificate or equivalent. (HLTAID003)
• A current Pool Lifeguard Award or equivalent.
• Details of current and past employment in the aquatic industry.
• For re-accreditation evidence of attendance at two (2) professional development sessions in the previous 3 year period. (example if your accreditation expired in 2019 then PD would need to be within the period 2016 - 2019)


1. Evidence shall be submitted on the attached form (Application for LIWA Accreditation).

2. The objective is to determine, through a systematic review of gathered evidence, whether the applicant can demonstrate achievement of the LIWA accreditation criteria.

3. Some examples of the form evidence that may be required from individuals without Western Australian Qualifications are listed below:

• Interview or structured questioning
• On-the-job assessment
• Documentary evidence (eg references from employers, outlines completed training programs, all formal qualifications relating to the area of Skills Recognition applied for)
• Position description
• Examples of work
• Practical demonstrations in a simulated environment
• Practical/theory test.

Issuing of Accreditation

Upon successfully providing evidence of the above criteria LIWA Aquatics will issue an accreditation certificate that should be available if requested by an Environmental Health Officer

Permission for access to LIWA accreditation records can be made to the LIWA Committee by telephone or in writing, should a person mislay their records and require another copy.

Security and Confidentiality

To ensure confidentiality:

• Records (hard and electronic copies) can only be accessed by approved personnel from LIWA.
• Any personal or organisational information will not disclose to a third party unless;
• Written consent has been provided for the disclosure, or
• LIWA believes that the disclosure is necessary to lessen or prevent a serious threat to public health or public safety, or
• LIWA has reason to suspect that unlawful activity has been, is being, or may be engaged in.


1. Hard copies of assessment papers that are not returned to the applicant are kept by LIWA for thirty days and are then destroyed using the shredder.

2. Hard copies of accreditation records will be kept for two (2) years.

3. An electronic copy will be maintained for seven years.

Application for LIWA Accreditation


Case Study

Jeff Williams has worked as an Aquatic Centre Manager in a variety of regional facilities since 1984. Jeff obtained his Pool Operators Certificate of Competence from the National Safety Council and has worked continuously in the industry for the past 17 years.

Jeff decided to apply for LIWA accreditation to comply with the Department of Health Code of Practice.

The direct evidence Jeff supplied to support his application included the following.

• Pool Operators Certificate of Competence
• Senior First Aid Certificate
• Pool Lifeguard Award
• References from three past employers confirming knowledge of aquatic plant operations.
• Confirmation on application form of attendance at the past five LIWA Annual Conferences.

As a part of further evidence, Jeff provides additional information to LIWA:

• Copies of procedures relating to service provision, workplace safety, emergency evacuation plans
• Occupational First Aid Certificate
• Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Certificate
• Instructor of Swimming Certificate

In this case study the applicant supplied authenticated, valid and relevant information within their evidence portfolio to meet the requirements of accreditation.

Payment of Pre-scribed Fee

Jeff paid the fee and was then issued with a LIWA Accreditation for a three year period

 Accreditation Form (First time to be accredited)

Re Accreditation Form (Already accredited and new to reapply)

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