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The Leisure Institute of Western Australia (Aquatics) is an incorporated not for profit body that represents the best interests of the aquatic recreation industry and its members in Western Australia. LIWA Aquatics has an extensive history stretching over 50 years in providing support and advocacy for the aquatic recreation industry. This long history and its achievements have seen the institute become a well respected organisation on a state and national level.

 LIWA Aquatics currently has 500 members with the majority being aquatic managers, supervisors or pool lifeguards within local government, state government or private management companies. These industry professionals all hold qualifications that have been determined by the Executive Director of Public Health and industry to be the required standard to operate a public swimming pool.

Mission Statement of LIWA Aquatics

To support the Western Australian Aquatic Recreation industry by providing advocacy, accreditation and regular professional development opportunities

Objectives of LIWA Aquatics

1. To improve the general and technical knowledge in the management or operations of aquatic recreation facilities through professional development and training

2. To promote the better design, construction and development pf aquatic recreation facilities.

3. To raise the status, character and safeguard the best interests of persons engaged in management and operation of aquatic recreation facilities.

4. To promote the Institute and develop partnerships and services to Local and State Government bodies and the private sector

Aims and Strategy of LIWA Aquatics

1. Provide validation of all relevant aquatic industry training delivered by Registered Training Organisations.
2. Provide an industry accreditation process for both new and existing industry personnel in line with the Western Australian Health Department Code of Practice.
3. To provide strategic direction for the aquatic recreation industry in Western Australia and make recommendations to key stakeholders as required.
4. To develop strong partnerships and alliances through the aquatic and recreation sectors on a state and national level.
5. To provide professional development opportunities for industry personnel across metropolitan and rural Western Australia and to offset the costs of travel and accommodation of delegates through prudent financial management.
6. To provide an avenue for members to purse important industry issues that could not be achieved on an individual basis.
7. To support like minded organisations in the fitness and recreation sectors.
8. To generate income through membership, accreditation, Government funding, sponsorship and the annual conference
9. To coordinate representation in the ongoing review and development of the Heath Department Code of Practice and the RLSS Pool Safety Guidelines

Key Focus Areas

Professional Development


Well trained aquatic industry personnel will ensure aquatic facilities are operated in accordance with the Health Department Code of Practice and Best Practice Principles



Legalisation requires all aquatic industry personnel are accredited to LIWA Aquatics and have access to relevant professional development
Professional Development Opportunities


The provision of professional development in metropolitan and regional Western Australia to ensure a well trained and resourced industry



The delivery of effective governance and management of the Institute in line with legislative requirements
Industry Research and Development


A proactive approach to aquatic industry research and development will ensure the needs of industry and community expectations are achieved

Financial Strategies


To ensure the Institute is a viable financial entity which can support its membership, its programs and partnerships

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Contact LIWA

ABN:  35 334 789 538

We provide support, professional development and networking opportunities for individuals in the aquatic industry throughout Western Australia.

  1. PO Box 726, Hillarys, WA 6923
  2. (08) 9383 8238
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