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40th Annual State Conference & Trade Display 2009

This year's conference represented a very important milestone for LIWA Aquatics in that it saw the recognition of 40 years of history and the development of the Institute from very humble beginnings in July 1969.  The Institute was born from the need of a group of Pool Managers to take control of their own destiny who had common goals and objectives.
In those early days, the connection of these managers meant they had begun to develop a crucial network that allowed them to start regular communication and interchange ideas and overcome problems.  It was really a support network that developed with shared experience with everyone contributing for the greater good of the industry.  We also saw the emergence of an industry and career pathways that we now all take for granted as the 'aquatic recreation industry'.  The work of our past members should not be taken for granted as it established those networks that LIWA Aquatics continues and is so proud of today. These individuals demonstrated a passion for the workplace that set the scene for the modern facilities that are being built today and facilities which are often the recreation and social hub of our communities.  It was wonderful that at the Annual Dinner this year we were able to be joined by three of the 'originals' who were instrumental in determining the early direction of the Institute.  To have Fred Smith, John Robertson and George Green share the gala evening was very special.  Both George and Fred were at the first meeting in 1969 and we still have the original receipt for Fred's membership when he paid $3.00 for his 12 months membership! This is a wonderful history for LIWA Aquatics and some of the current board and members of LIWA Aquatics have worked with some of the 'originals' in the past.  As an industry we are very much in their debt because from those humble beginnings 40 years ago LIWA Aquatics has developed into a Peak Body that clearly demonstrates its capacity to deliver on a range of outcomes and continues to provide a great network for our members and stakeholders.     Day One Conference 2009 The 40th Annual LIWA-Aquatics conference was opened by the Minster for Sport and Recreation, the Hon Terry Waldron, who is clearly very passionate about our industry and his portfolio.  It was wonderful the Minister was able to refer to the research that LIWA Aquatics has been undertaking over the past two years.  This research gives us a much better understanding of the size and complexity of our industry and the Minister was quite vocal in this instance that if anyone in the room had not participated in the surveys they should get involved this year.  He also clearly recognises the need for sound asset management strategies for aging rural pools and is looking to LIWA Aquatics for leadership to ensure that communities are not left high and dry without a pool.  It is a project that is very close to heart of LIWA Aquatics as we are concerned that our rural pools remain relevant and critically open to their communities. The Minister for Sport and Recreation Mr Terry Waldron The second speaker of the day was Glen Jakovich, the former West Coast Eagles champion who played such a strong part in the development of the club and subsequently a champion team.  Whilst Glen did not focus on the aquatic industry, the analogies and antidotes he used demonstrated the way a group of individuals from different backgrounds can achieve great things.  The setting of realistic goals and aspirations are critical not just for our sporting teams but for individuals in the workplace.  Going through the motions in the workplace day after day can be soul destroying but having the opportunity to achieve an outcome that is reflective of the goals or direction of the organisation is very empowering for the individual.  Glen proved to be the perfect start to the conference as he is clearly one of the highest profile sportsmen in Western Australia and his story of Peter Matera's finger was a highlight. The Delegates broke for their first look at the massive Trade Display that had been assembled for the conference in the Exhibition Area.  The scope of equipment and the numbers of exhibitors in attendance clearly demonstrated the importance of the LIWA Aquatic Annual Conference and Trade Display on these companies calendar of events.  The 43 Exhibitors came from across Australia and the range of products was incredibly diverse and this is easily the largest exhibition of its kind presented at any similar forum.  The delegates needed to visit all of the booths to ensure they were in the running for some great prizes that were on offer on Tuesday afternoon. Singapore Sports Council The session after morning tea was delivered by the Chief Executive Officer of the Singapore Sports Council Mr Oon Jin Teik.  It was quite a coup for LIWA Aquatics to have Jin Teik present at this year's conference as there are very few if any higher profile individuals involved in the Sport and Recreation industry in South East Asia.  The presentation highlighted a range of issues and amazing opportunities the Sports Council and the Singapore Government have developed to encourage Singaporeans to live a healthy and active lifestyle. The presentation also looked at the future development of the Sports Hub on the waterfront with its futuristic buildings and its fast range of facilities that will serve the community of Singapore for many years.  The facility development is something that our industry can definitely learn from and it is well worth the time if you are ever in Singapore to look at some of the newer facilities.  They provide a wonderful mix integrated play areas, passive recreation and training facilities.  They offer an incredible range of affordable facilities for the community and really are the hub for all sporting clubs in Singapore.  The Singapore Government clearly recognise the need to heavily subsidise these venues with swim entry being set at $1.50 per person - that was the price of pool entry in Perth in 1986! The future of our relationships with the Singapore Sports Council is very positive with a number of their staff attending as delegates this year.  We have also seen five members of the LIWA Aquatics Board involved with program delivery in Singapore through their engagement with Royal Life Saving Western Australia.  The Sports Council is very keen to engage with LIWA Aquatics on the back of the work undertaken by RLSSWA to share information on raising the standards in Lifeguard and Pool Operation Training.  Importantly we spoke of how we can assist to develop the passion that is evident within LIWA Aquatics to their own workforce.  On behalf of all members and delegates we thank Mr Oon Jin Teik and his team for their attendance and contribution to this year's conference. Mr Oon Jin Teik and our MC Rohan Gunton Climate Change Presentation The issue of climate change seems to be apart of all we see and hear today as the Federal Government attempt to have legislation passed in Government to ensure we fulfil our international responsibilities in the reduction of carbon emissions.  Industries such as ours will be challenged in the near future to consider how we can reduce our greenhouse footprint and gas emissions as a means of reducing carbon pollution. The presentation by Alex Hyndman the Sustainability Officer at the City of Fremantle highlighted some of the reasons why the City of Fremantle has recently become the first carbon neutral local government in the state and only the second in Australia.  Alex spoke about some of the successes, initiatives, failures and opportunities that Fremantle has had to make its pool greener.  It is a salient reminder to the industry and all local governments of the need to 'get on the front foot' to face the challenges of climate change.  Sitting back and waiting could see the decisions made by external agencies that would impact on our ability to deliver services to the community.  LIWA Aquatics will try and keep abreast of these issues and understand better what constitutes a carbon audit and how as an industry we can reduce our carbon footprint so we become 'greener pools'. Education Department The afternoon session began with a presentation for the Department of Education and Training Swimming and Water Safety by Manager Les Lazarakis.  Les updated the delegates on the current status of the program and some future developments.  The Department still struggles with the concept that the In-term and Vacation Lessons are not given the pool space and time it has received in the past.  With the financial drivers placed on managers by local government there needs to be a better understanding that what happened in the past may not be achievable now. All managers strive to accommodate their user groups but our pools can only provide a finite space and the notion that all lessons must take place in first and fourth term needs to be reconsidered.  With the development of a more discerning market place parents are looking to the facilities to provide a consistent lesson program not just for pre-school, after school but for school vacation times as well.  This obviously conflicts with Education Department who in the past it would be fair to say had most of the program space in many facilities most of the time. The importance of establishing well grounded relationships and the need to deal with the issues such as the promoting of pool entrance fees on Education Department literature is essential.  The outcome for all stakeholders is ensuring our children have access to reasonably priced swimming lessons to ensure they remain safe around water. Wanneroo Aquamotion The next session was delivered by the Manager of Wanneroo Aquamotion Jim Manov and it was wonderful to see the passion and enthusiasm that was so evident in Jim's presentation.  The overview provided to delegates on the process undertaken by the City of Wanneroo in determining the direction of the upgrade was very salient.  Jim and the team at Wanneroo Aquamotion are very proud of their new facility and the imagery presented in the slide show highlighted what a modern innovate aquatic facility can look like.  It is also important that two of our Trade Exhibitors and long time supporters of LIWA Aquatics, Rob Trisley and Geoff Ninnes were heavily involved in the project. Watch Around Water The final presentation for the day was from Lauren Nimmo our co-ordinator for the Watch Around Water Program.  Lauren updated the delegates on the program and its development over the past 12 months since the last conference.  This program has been wonderful for the industry and once again shows Western Australia leading the way and setting a national agenda for parental supervision strategies in our pools. Lauren has made an incredible contribution to LIWA Aquatics and we are greatly indebted to Royal Life Saving for allowing her the time to focus on this program.  Lauren was also able to inform the delegates that BHP has become a major sponsor of the program for the next three years which is a wonderful fillip for LIWA Aquatics.  This will allow further development work to be undertaken with additional resources and banners for pools that are involved in the program. Following up from Lauren the President of LIWA Aquatics Jeff Fondacaro was very vocal in his call for 100% participation of the program with no excuses.  Jeff indicated that this program is critical to ensure the parental support of our pool managers and lifeguards as they supervise the aquatic environment.  Nothing short of every pool in Western Australia running the Watch Around Water Program will satisfy Jeff, so watch out if you are not a part of the program by summer. The program has been adopted in South Australia and has been trialled in 16 pools in Victoria and the YMCA in Victoria is also looking at the role out of Watch Around Water in a number of facilities.  Watch the LIWA Aquatics website for more updates on the program. Our hardworking Watch Around Water Coordinator Lauren Nimmo Jeff then thanked the delegates for the participating in the day's presentation and they then had afternoon tea and continued to wander through the Trade Exhibition.     40th Annual Gala Dinner The dinner was held in the conference room for the first time this year due to the ever expanding LIWA Aquatics Conference and it proved to be a great move for the event.  The room looked fabulous and the over 200 guest had a wonderful night. Our President Jeff Fondacaro started proceedings by welcoming all our guests and delegates to the conference dinner as well as making mention of the historic nature of the night as we celebrated our 40th Anniversary Conference.  It was wonderful to see our Life Members in the audience as well as members who have been attending the conference for many of its 40 years.  Jeff invited everyone to settle back, have a few drinks and enjoy the night and with those simple directions in mind everyone pretty well did just that.   LIWA AQUATICS LIFE MEMBERS After a beautiful main meal smorgasbord that had a range of seafood, beef, chicken and salads that saw some individuals going back more than twice, the guests settled back in for the more formal side of the evening with the presentation of the 2009 Awards. 20 Year Awards The first of the evening's presentations was made by Life Member Mick Doyle who regaled the room with some of the history of the Institute and his long association with many of the people in the room tonight.  Mick presented awards to individuals who had worked for over 20 years in the industry and included: Wendy Cole, Lester Ball, Craig Smetherham, Bill Livingstone, Ron Thomas and to John Vanderbroeck who received his 40 year citation, what an effort by John and still hardly a grey hair! Presentation to Lauren Nimmo The second presentation of the night went to someone who was not a member of LIWA Aquatics but someone who contributed a great deal of her time and intellect in ensuring that our facilities remain safe.  The coordination of the Watch Around Water Program by Lauren Nimmo is critical to LIWA Aquatics and she has travelled the state to ensure managers who have taken up the program have been educated in the best way to promote and use the program in their community.  Being recognised at the dinner was a very fitting tribute to Lauren for her contribution to LIWA Aquatics. RLSSWA Award to Colin Hassell The next presentation of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Royal Life Saving Society was made to LIWA Aquatics Life Member Colin Hassell.  Ross Peters the President of RLSSWA made the presentation to Colin in front of his industry peers as Colin was in hospital when the Society held its own award ceremony earlier this year.  It is a wonderful achievement for Colin and recognises his selfless commitment to our industry and tireless work for the aquatic industry and wider community. Only Colin could get away with that tie! Industry Contribution Award to Peter Leaversuch The fourth award of the night was a Special Achievement Award presented to Peter Leaversuch who has contributed a great deal to the Institute over the past 10 years and in particular the last 18 months.  Peter stepped into the role of Executive Officer of LIWA Aquatics and was able to juggle his own work commitments and the additional role with great efficiency.  Many people outside the LIWA Aquatics Committee would be aware of the passion for our industry that Peter has and this has been clearly evident over many years.  In 2007 Peter was recognised for his contribution to the Institute when he was presented with the Presidents Award for Excellence and fittingly today he was nominated for Life Membership of the Institute which is a wonderful tribute to someone who has given so much of his time, intellect and passion to LIWA Aquatics.  Well done Leavo! Peter Leaversuch receiving is Industry Contribution Award from Jeff Presidents Award for Excellence The next award was presented to an individual who has contributed a great deal to the institute not only in the past 12 months but over many years.  The Presidents Award for Excellence.  LIWA Aquatics currently has one paid official and then functions on the unique concept of volunteerism.  Some of our board have little time in the workplaces or lives and contribute where they can, others have more opportunities and some like this years winner just throw themselves into the task, boots and all, get the job done no matter how much time it takes.  LIWA Aquatics has really turned the corner in the past 5 years and has aligned itself strategically with many organisations and with the need for industry accreditation we needed to ramp up the way we deal with our members and industry partners.  To achieve this we have needed to embrace technology, understand contemporary means of communication and get smart in our management of databases and finances. Much of these outcomes have come from the Treasurer of LIWA Aquatics Steve Good, the winner of this year's Presidents Award for Excellence. Steve Good with President Jeff receiving the 2009 Presidents Award Lifetime Achievement Awards The final two awards were presented to two individuals who have contributed to the industry in excess of what could be normally expected by any volunteer and the fact that it has been done over so many years was quite exceptional.  The awarding of a Lifetime Achievement Award is a very fitting tribute to these two individuals.  The citations to these individuals read as follows: 'The first awardee is very well known across the state and has played a critical role in the history and developments of LIWA Aquatics for coming up to 30 years.  They are one of a unique group of people who have made the transition from working in what was very much a country pool to running a almost inner city facility. This individual developed his skills under some of our "old school" managers when the most important facet of our workplace was the water body and the second was bouncing out undesirables on a Saturday and Sunday and everything else ran a poor third.  It was during this time this individual first got involved with the Australian Institute of Aquatic and Recreation Facility Management, then IARM and finally LIWA Aquatics. Passion for the workplace is not really a common phrase in today's society but in our industry I think we really do share a common passion and one that I hope we are able to pass on over the years.  In this individual the ability to enthuse and share their skills and knowledge has really come to the fore over the past 10 years.  During this time this individual has become a senior industry trainer in the delivery of pool operations training and pool lifeguard training.  The passion that is so evident on the pool deck is now being passed on in a classroom or in the pool during training. This individual has contributed a huge part of his life to our industry and this year's conference and trade show is testament to how much we have grown as an organisation and how much he has contributed.  I would like to present Chris Blankley the Vice President of LIWA Aquatics with his Lifetime Achievement Award from a very grateful Institute for his contribution over the past 30 years. Chris Blankley with President Jeff receiving his Lifetime Achievement Award 'The second recipient has been involved in the industry for most of their working life and has been on the board of LIWA Aquatics for much of the past 20 years.  During this time this individual has done much to shape the direction of the institute and has played a key role in raising the status and profile of the pool manager in local government.  This individual's effort is one of the main reasons why the institute has developed into the type of organisation it is today.  They have been a driver to ensure the institute remains inclusive and relevant when other organisations of a similar type have lacked market penetration and do not understand the role of the Peak Body. This individual has worked hard to ensure that the needs of country members are always considered and was instrumental in promoting the importance of LIWA Aquatics engagement and its delivery of professional development in the regions particularly in the North West of the State. This individual has worked in the country and city and has forgotten more about the operation and management of aquatic facilities than many of us could ever hope to know.  Currently she is the manager of the Bold Park Aquatic Centre for the Town of Cambridge and I would like to ask Karin Kelly to come forward to accept her Lifetime Achievement Award for her contribution to LIWA Aquatics and the industry. Karin Kelly with President Jeff receiving her Lifetime Achievement Award The two awards were very well acknowledged by the 220 delegates and guests in attendance at this year's dinner.  It was a fitting reward to two individuals who have given so much to our industry.  The only thing left to do was to sing happy birthday to LIWA Aquatics and get into the party mood for some more good cheer and dancing. Rob, Karin amf Lynne enjoy the night!     Day Two Conference 2009 The day was opened by the President of LIWA Aquatics Jeff Fondacaro who spent some time reflecting on the history of the Institute and its development over the past 40 years.  Jeff paid tribute to the foresight of those individuals who got together in 1969 at the Trades Hall in Perth to form the Pool Managers Association which has eventually become known as LIWA Aquatics 40 years later. There were some great images playing on the screen behind Jeff with many photos of conferences and wonderful memories of the past.  One great photo had Dawne Thomas, Mick Doyle and Peter Byrne resplendent in white shower gowns from a conference at the Joondalup Resort.  There were great pictures of many characters from the industry and many from our conference dinners over the years. Jeff updated the delegates on the projects that LIWA Aquatics is involved in currently and future plans for this year and next.  He also explained the failing of our relationship with the Eastern States and the formation of a National Peak Aquatic Body called ALFA.  LIWA Aquatics is not involved with this organisation at the current time because the Board decided the model was not a good fit for our members or the industry nationally.  The Institute will soon have its own state based journal which will allow us to promote our own initiatives and direction. In closing Jeff highlighted the upcoming Country Seminar in Narembeen and the need for all facilities to be a part of the Watch Around Water Program.  He also recognised the hard work and dedication of the LIWA Aquatics Board who have brought this conference together for the industry in such a professional manner. Australian Spirit The first speaker of the day was Mr Peter Hughes whose presentation was entitled "The Australian Spirit" and never has a crowd at a LIWA Aquatics Conference been held captive to the emotion of such a presentation. Peter was the face of the Bali Bombings and his life and death struggle was a clear demonstration to all the delegates about strength and human resilience in the face of the most heinous atrocity.  It resonated with all the delegates because everyone in Western Australia knew someone or knew of someone who had been affected by the bombings.  Peter's laconic wit and his knowledge of his surroundings allowed him to not only save himself but with his presence of mind save many others from the burning embers of the Bali Bombings. It was a moving start to the second day of the conference and one that no one who was in attendance will forget in a hurry.  With the presentation concluded the delegates moved to Trade Exhibition Area to reflect on and discuss what they had just heard.  Remarkable! Bali Bombing Survivor Peter Hughes Industry Update This session provided important information to the delegates regarding some of the projects that LIWA Aquatics is involved in and some of the upcoming developments for the industry. Steve Good was able to show some of the features of the new and improved LIWA Aquatics website and how the features in the site will allow for better communication with members.  It will see the development of an e-newsletters to keep industry informed and when it is up and running industry forums as a means of communication. Peter Leaversuch was able to promote the research that has been undertaken over the past two years and demonstrate some of the features of the LIWA Aquatics Directory.  The information available gives us a much better understanding of our industry and the way in which the directory can be used will be of great benefit to our industry for many years.  It is very important that each facility understands that they need to manage the information on the site and upload images and change their pricing structure as they change.  Peter also urged delegates to participate in this year's survey to ensure we get the best data available for the industry. Tony Head then demonstrated a new project that had been developed to assist the industry comply with the requirements of the new Code of Practice for Aquatic Facilities.  The generic Operations Manual has been mapped to the Code, industry best practice and the Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations.  The Operations Manual has generic documents including some procedures and some policy's that can be then customised to each individual facility if required. It is set up in a spread sheet that has hyperlinks to the individual word documents that are then able to be saved and customised by the manager of the facility.  It will also contain a range of best practice documents that can be downloaded to assist in procedure and policy documentation.  The Operations Manual will be launched to industry later this year in partnership with the Royal Life Saving Society and the Local Government Insurance Scheme. Our hardworking MC Rohan Gunton then invited the delegates to help themselves to lunch in the Exhibition Area and the food this year was absolutely beautiful.  It was also the last chance the delegates had to get their Trade Books signed to go into the massive prize draw at the end of the day. Asset Management The first session after lunch was delivered by the Manager of Facility Development from the Department of Sport and Recreation Steve Humfrey.  Steve is a long time supporter of the industry and has a great knowledge and understanding of the issues facing aquatic facilities. Steve provided an overview of the role of the Facilities Team, what they do and what the key impacts and outcomes they expect to achieve.  From the aquatic industry perspective there have been two very good resources produced by the DSR in the form of an Asset Management Guide and Life Cycle Cost Guidelines.  The presentation then detailed some of the steps from managing an asset to the disposal of the asset and the end of life cycle. An exciting announcement was the opportunity of the a regional audit process working with LIWA Aquatics and strategic facility study looking at what resources are available in each of the aquatic facilities.  Steve finished the presentation by providing delegates with information on CSRFF Funding and what was currently available for non- metropolitan pools. Steve Humfrey Water Research Project Dr Dave Deeley then presented a session on the upcoming research into water usage in aquatic facilities that he would be undertaking on behalf of LIWA Aquatics.  In Western Australia there are over 130 public aquatic centres that provide significant benefit in terms of community development, sport, health and fitness.  Aquatic centres also have the potential to use a lot of water and some use significant amounts of energy particularly in water heating. To gain a perspective of water usage, just one aquatic centre Beatty Park Leisure Centre holds 4,200 kilolitres of water that must be constantly filtered, disinfected and turned over (replaced) to ensure it is environmentally safe for public bathing. The aquatic and recreation industry is particularly sensitive to the issue of sustainability due to: Volume (in total) of water being managed; Energy usage and costs; Limited opportunity for centre managers to undertake meaningful upgrade scenario planning and forward program budgeting; The high degree of public scrutiny; and, The inability to simply 'pass-on increased costs' without producing unwanted externalities such as reduced participation and attendance rates and reduced social inclusion.   There is a need for a simple but effective decision support system, widely available to support aquatic centre managers in their exploration of various scenarios of water and energy efficiency gains, system upgrades and management improvements.  Management of water in aquatic recreation centres presents a range of challenges from short term supply crises to the longer term mismatch between supply and demand and water pricing. Energy costs are on the rise and the emerging carbon economy will act to further increase these costs.  Climate change is predicted to change the way we recreate, increasing demand for aquatic recreation centres (particularly indoor) in hot conditions while also creating pressure to demonstrate best practice in water and energy management. In the short term aquatic centres need the ability to adapt their operations.  This means a centre will need to 'fine tune' the amenity rather than 'turn it off' all together under possible conditions of drought crisis. In the longer term, significant increases in the price of energy and water will drive investment in technologies to minimise consumption, maximise re-cycling and reuse. Time will be a critical issue during the process of change.  Due to the number and capital cost of existing infrastructure, the industry is not in a financial position to respond quickly to as significant change in the price and availability of energy and water. This inflexibility highlights the need for early intervention and support, to provide the industry with time to develop cost-effective solutions.  The industry is currently at a stage where conceptual models of a fully integrated and efficient system need to be developed, piloted, benchmarked and extended to the industry. It is hoped that Dr Deeley will explore the above issues and come back to LIWA Aquatics and its members with a tool that will allow the industry to better understand its water and energy usage and play a role in the sustainability of our industry.  This is a very important project and you may be contacted by Dr Deeley to get involved in the project and provide information on your facility. Managing Workplace Conflict What a great way to finish the conference with an upbeat and informative session by Ian Crawford on dealing with conflict in the workplace.  This session was incredibly well received by the delegates and I am sure that Ian will be invited back to address the delegates in the future.  He provided an insight and some very helpful ideas "from dropping the phone or a severe cramp in the leg" to diffuse a potential volatile situation when required.  It was a great last session and kept all the delegates engaged. Ian Crawford The Final Wrap Up Jeff introduced Tony Head back to stage to promote the idea of an Industry Wide Open Day to the delegates.  The LIWA Aquatics Board feels that this could be an opportunity to source funding to really kick start our industry and promote aquatic facilities as more than just a place to swim. Tony outlined some of the organisations that may be keen to get involved if we have that 'One Day' when our industry is promoted across the state and the focus is on our pools and how they can be used as vehicle for Health and Wellbeing.  The room and mood was very positive and LIWA Aquatics will look to source funding for the project with the aim of having an Industry Wide Open Day in November 2010. The Prize Winners Everyone was a prize winner this year as the 40th Annual Conference was a resounding success for all involved in attending including delegates and Trade Exhibitors (all who have confirmed for next years event already).  Jeff, Chris and Karin then started the monster prize draw with some great prizes provided by LIWA Aquatics and the Trade Exhibitors. The LIWA Aquatics Lap Top was won by Liz Gordon, the Chadson Photometer was won by Beatty Park and Lyn Kretchmer won a major software prize from Link.  Karin had gone to a lot of trouble to warp all the presents so no one knew what they were winning.  There will be an inquiry into Dawne Thomas winning $150 from Sigma Chemicals as well as an Ipod at the prize draw! All that was left was for Jeff to thank our hardworking MC Rohan Gunton, the committee for all their hard work and the delegates and members of LIWA Aquatics for their great work in the community.  It was time to adjourn to the front bar for a Plenary Session provided by John Shenton to unwind and relax after a very successful 40th Annual LIWA Aquatics Conference and Trade Display.
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