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Thursday, 09 February 2017 11:28

WAW Distraction Video

Royal Life Saving and LIWA Aquatics are proud to present the lastest video to target drownings out our pools and focusing on parents to put down their mobile devices whilst a the pools and watch their children. The latest video provides parents with a reminder of this as they try to log into the centres wifi and is given a password that tells them to watch your child.  Please share this video to get the message out there.  
Wednesday, 22 June 2011 11:16

Re-Accreditation Application

LIWA Aquatics Re-Accreditation In 2008 when accreditation was first implemented less than 300 people were accreditated in the first round,  in 2014 we are now over 640 accreditations that have been issued to industry personnel in Western Australia.  This Code of Practice requirement has seen managers engage in professional development, develop networks and has enhanced their professional standing.  It has also allowed LIWA Aquatics to grow as it services a much greater membership and stakeholder base in Western Australia. If your accreditation is due to expire please complete the attached document and return with the relevant evidence of professional development and required qualifications.  At this time your membership will also need to be current.  For any other inquires please email us  Re-Accreditation Form   
Wednesday, 14 September 2016 14:21

LIWA Aquatics 2015/16 In Review

Prior to the 2016 AGM a short video was played that highlighted the amazing work that industry members had been involved in over the past 12 months.  Enjoy!
Tuesday, 22 December 2015 11:06

2015 LIWA Aquatics Gala Dinner and Awards

The 2015 Awards were hosted by the LIWA Aquatics President Jeff Fondacaro and consisted of the presentation of the Waterwise Aquatic Centre Awards for 2015 and a number of LIWA Aquatics awards culminating in the Presidents Awards for Excellence.
Wednesday, 25 November 2015 12:12

World Conference on Drowning Prevention

LIWA Aquatics Board Members Dale Morrissy and Chris Blankley recently attended the World Conference on Drowning Prevention in Penang, Malaysia. Along with WAW Program Manager Lauren Nimmo who delivered several presentations at the Conference Chris and Dale have gained a great deal deal of knowledge that they will share with the industry over the next few weeks.  Attached are a couple of papers that may be of interest to members, especially the notion of treating our Lifeguard Teams as "Pit Crews" - Open Document  
This seminar is aimed at Leisure, Health Club and Facility Coordinators & Managers of local government recreation facilities and is presented by PLA.  Click here for details.
Monday, 29 June 2015 13:35

Blackbelt in Excellence Workshop

The Board of LIWA Aquatics and Links Modular Solutions is very proud to announce that Mr Peter Thurin will be our Key Note Speaker and Workshop Presenter on Tuesday 11th of August at the 2015 Conference and Trade Display.
Competency based training has been firmly entrenched in the Western Australian Aquatic Industry since 2001. As an industry we were the first state in Australia to embrace this form of training and through professional development and forums it was well understood and supported. It also lead to an improvement in facilities in the way in which documents and procedures were developed and stored. More than one pool manager indicated that the on-the-job requirement of the Pool Operations Training Course had seen them get started on an operations manual.Fast forward to 2017 and whilst the names and codes of the units of competence have changed over the years the process of assessment and workplace supervision still has many similarities to the original 2001 documentation. Whilst there have been some wonderful and well presented assessments received, in recent times Royal Life Saving Assessors have noticed that there are some facilities and some supervisors who have become for want of a better word, lack in their responsibilities when supervising a student completing the on-the-job assessment. This form of training and assessment is not a quick fix for the individual or the facility, but one that needs to assure the industry and the members of the public, that the accredited LIWA Aquatics member on the pool deck has the technical skills required to operate the plant and equipment and the ability to respond appropriately in an emergency situation.More and more industry assessors are coming across photocopies of operating documents that are being submitted as evidence for a candidate's ability to undertake a range of tasks during the assessment process. There are no assessable task that is inclusive of the student's ability to use a photocopier in this assessment process.Training and development is no doubt a cost to every organisation, but it also has a substantial payback to the operation when staffs trained at the facility are able to step up and take the lead in an operational role when required.The industry needs to be confident that all new pool operators are trained to a standard that promotes the facility where they were trained as much as it does the individual. This will not happen when students are able to access documents and claim them as their work and then insert them in their evidence portfolio for assessment.Ask yourself this question, did you personally see the student perform maintenance duties of backwashing, Injection point cleaning or chemical preparation or changeovers. Did you organise and simulate an emergency scenario with them and go through the debriefing session to give them the chance to facilitate the emergency simulation and learn from this, if the answer is no then ask yourself - why not?If we want competent new Pool Operators on the deck we need to invest time and energy to ensure that they get the best training and induction possible. If you feel that over the years you have let your own standards slip or maybe make the process too easy for a student please consider these actions as they could have serious consequences in the workplace.If you yourself are new to the industry or feel that you could use with some guidance in this area then LIWA Aquatics or Royal Life Saving Society may be able to provide you with some ideas and mentoring in this role so we can ensure the next generation of Pool Operators are getting the best training and induction possible when entering into the management of aquatic facilities.
In 2009 the Cochrane Review determined the following: The effect of spinal immobilisation on mortality, neurological injury, spinal stability and adverse effects in trauma patients remains uncertain.  
Thursday, 27 April 2017 14:56

VALE - Ray Martin

Ray Martin - a Life in Aquatics Ray Martin started his connection with the Aquatic Industry in 1929 when he joined the local swimming club in Pascoe Vale Victoria as a six year old. As he moved into his teens his interest was fostered by the Pool Manager of the time who allowed him to clean the filters and get involved in the operation of the plant and equipment. It was a natural progression for Ray to move into a Lifeguarding role when he was old enough.
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