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Wednesday, 03 February 2016 11:16

Aflex Technology Fiji

Nelson-based Aflex Technology has added another impressive inflatable waterpark to its international repertoire this month, with the launch of their custom-built obstacle course for Plantation Island Resort in Fiji. The resort's new waterpark boasts six modules from Aflex's Aqua Adventure Series including their iconic Action Tower and innovative spring-free Aqua Trampoline – the newest addition to the series. Manufactured from commercial-grade PVC at their factory in Nelson, New Zealand, the waterpark was designed to suit the water depths, location and other specific requirements of Plantation Island Resort's beachfront. With safety as paramount for Aflex, a number of considerations were taken into account for the waterpark's configuration, such as the inclusion of their unique Re-entry Pods to enable users to safely climb back on or off the waterpark without difficulty. The modules are joined with Aflex's exclusive Velcro-free connecting sleeve technology that does not risk separation under load.Specialists in aquatic and land-based inflatable fun as well as engineered marine innovations and other custom PVC projects, all Aflex products are proudly New Zealand made. Proving their strengths of innovation, customisation and high quality craftsmanship, the company now boasts an international client base spanning 18 countries. Photos: Steven Neville of Auckland Sports Photograph
Thursday, 28 January 2016 09:46

WorkSafe Project - Inflatable Water Slides

WorkSafe, a division of the Department of Commence is initiating a project on occupational safety and health in the Inflatable Waterslide amusement industry. The project will be conducted in the 2015/16 financial year.   The project is designed to assist employers in this industry meet their occupational safety and health (OSH) duties by providing information and ensuring Employers understand their obligations under OSH legislation. The attached WorkSafe publication "Inflatable Water Slides" contains much of the required information for Pool Operators who have Inflatable Water Slides and devices on site. There is now a requirement that structures within the scope of Australian Standard AS 3533 other than Class 1 devices be registered with WorkSafe. The issue for Pool Operators is that the typical pool inflatable used in our pools cannot be classified en masse to determine its Class and if in fact it needs to be registered with WorkSafe. LIWA Aquatics understanding of the matter is that each installation is site specific and will need to be assessed by a Competent Person as per page three of the attached OSH Newsletter.  It is likely after discussions with WorkSafe that all Pool Inflatables will need to be registered as they will be classified as above Class 1. WorkSafe has provide two names to LIWA Aquatics of individuals who may be able to assist your organisation in the determination of the Class inflatable you have and if it does in fact need to be registered with WorkSafe. All operators of inflatables need to be well aware of the requirements of AS 3533 but need to also focus on these three key areas: Blowers must be fixed and secured Blowers must be protected by an RCD Blowers must be guarded from the public Blowers must have a prohibition notice to warn public from touching them Click on this link for the newsletter and information. Click on this link for list of competent persons provided by WorkSafe  
Thursday, 21 January 2016 13:59

Mermaid Tails in the News

Meramid tails have become a hot topic on a range of media outlets, with many being critcal of the toys and sighting them as dangerous. Below is an extract from the Sydney Morning Herald that sumarises the issue.  A nunmber of WA Aquatic Facilities have banned their use while others are yet to formulate a position on there use.
Wednesday, 23 December 2015 12:31

2016 Pool Lifeguard Challenge

Please find below the nomination form for the 2016 Pool Lifeguard Challenge. The event is going to be held at HBF Stadium (Formerly Challenge Stadium) on the 18th of February 2016. Further details of the day and the events will be sent out to you soon. We are looking forward to the event and hope that everyone else is too. Registration Form
Tuesday, 22 December 2015 11:15

Xmas Message from LIWA Aquatics President

On behalf of the Board of LIWA Aquatics I would like to wish all members a happy Christmas and New Year. I realise it is a busy time on pool decks across the state and that the warm weather will have people flocking to our pools.The aquatic industry in this state has a wonderful safety record and I urge you to continually re-enforce the Watch Around Water message every day and in every way you can. Through this message you empower parents and guardians to take their supervision responsibilities seriously and look after their own children in the water. Don't shy away from difficult conversations on the deck as summer brings out new users to our facilities who may not be aware of their role and expectations at your pool.To all the LIWA Aquatics family have a wonderful time with your families and when back on deck on Boxing Day, always Watch Around Water.Jeff
The Amata Pool in remote South Australia is looking for a manager. The pool manager gets a house with all utilities, plus a locality allowance (of approximately $10K) on top of a $55K salary. Click here for the position description. Contact: Greg Wirth PrincipalAmata Anangu SchoolPh. (08) 8956 2922 / 0434 184 167Sat Phone 0417 153 801Fax (08) 8956 7554PMB 113 Via Alice SpringsAlice Springs Private BagsSA 0872  
Thursday, 03 December 2015 11:41

Aflex Technology Transforms Beach

Nelson-based Aflex Technology transformed Kaiteriteri Beach on Saturday 28th November into a unique inflatable aquatic playground. A fun day for Aflex staff, their family and friends, the company also welcomed beachgoers on the day to join in and play. The inflatable waterpark, measuring an impressive 45 metres long and made up of 18 heavy-duty PVC modules, attracted the young and the young-at-heart alike, providing plenty of fun and challenge for all ages.100% New Zealand owned and operated, Aflex Technology designs and manufactures inflatable products using flexible fabric technology and exports worldwide to more than 15 countries. Market leaders in the commercial pool inflatable category, the company saw an opportunity to diversify into open water inflatables, known as their 'Aqua Adventure' series. Aflex waterparks around the world include a custom Cartoon Network waterpark in the Bahamas, a waterpark in the UK and another custom-designed waterpark currently being shipped to Dubai. The modular design and unique connecting sleeves of the Aqua Adventure series enables endless configuration possibilities to cater to many locations, budgets and other specific requirements.Saturday was an opportunity for the Aflex team to enjoy their products out on the water, which are always inflated for testing at their Haven Road factory, but not very often does the whole team have the chance to experience first-hand all of the modules configured into a functional waterpark. Despite the waterpark being set up and packed down in a day at Kaiteriteri, the durable Aqua Adventure products are designed to be anchored in a lagoon, lake, or beachfront for months at a time.With water safety being of the company's upmost importance, the Nelson Surf Lifesaving Club joined Aflex for the day out on the water ensuring all users were having fun and keeping safe.The company is no stranger to land-based inflatables, too. In July this year, a 600 metre long inflatable slide designed and manufactured by Aflex for charity Live More Awesome, was verified by Guinness World Records as the world's longest inflatable waterslide, and was featured in a full-length episode of Travel Channel's Xtreme Waterparks  
Wednesday, 02 December 2015 09:04

New Design PULSAR ‘System 140’

The latest design, USA manufactured Pulsar 'System 140' dry chlorine Briquette feeder is proving popular with large commercial pool customers in Australia this season. Improving on a long established design of dedicated Pulsar feeders for use with Pulsar Briquettes (dry chlorine), the new System 140 offers a number of benefits for operators: Most notable is the touch screen control panel which supervises periodic self flushing of the feeder and can shut down the system booster pump at quiet times, or during the night to save energy. A feed timer is also incorporated, but most commonly the chlorination is controlled by a BECSys or Ezetrol pH and chlorine control system which gives a signal to the control panel to activate chlorine feed. The hopper and sump design have been improved to make the Pulsar chemical flow more smoothly through the feeder with less chance of product bridging in the hopper and sludge build-up in the sump. An optional Pulsar cleaning solution pump is available to dose a small amount of de-scalant into the feeder at night, if required to keep the system clean at all times. These units now have less parts and the key parts are more accessible for simplified servicing and changeover. Overall dosing is more accurate and efficient, with less requirement for feeder cleaning and maintenance. Pulsar Briquettes are a very easy and safe form of dry chlorine to handle, with minimal dust. A scoop is provided to assist operators to top up the feeder making the system pleasant to use. FOR INFORMATION CONTACT: TIM BATT WATER SOLUTIONS on ph0438-889268, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or        
Tuesday, 01 December 2015 08:31

VSD Installations Require Approval

Swimming pool operators and trained Technical Operators need to be mindful that the installation of a variable speed drive may alter the flow rate of water through the filtration system. Where it is intended to install a variable speed drive on a water body filtration system an application must be submitted to the Department of Health at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the work is approved to be undertaken. DOH has always held that pump replacement is a maintenance item whereas the installation of a variable speed drive is an alteration and requires an application to the EDPH and a written approval before commencing. Where work has already been undertaken without the approval of the EDPH, the DOH cannot approve work retrospectively. Therefore, the Pool Operator must ensure that the flow rate of the circulation system shall meet the requirements of Section 3.1 General Requirements or be superior in performance to ensure that the pool water can recover after use by the law of consecutive dilutions. The filtration systems shall operate at the full designated flow rate 24/7/365. The Pool Operator will need to certify that the installed work meets the Code of Practice and the certification needs to be undertaken by a competent person known to the DOH. Only Variable Speed Drives that have been designed for commercial (and public pool) use may be installed. Replacement filters with less capacity than the original (DOH approved) capacity are not permitted to be used in conjunction with variable speed drive pumps. It is the responsibility of the trained Technical Operator to maintain plant and equipment and to ensure that all replacement filters and pumps comply with the Code of Practice
RLSSWA Pool Manager Aaron Jacobs is opening Fitzroy Crossing's public pool at midnight on welfare paydays in an effort to protect teenagers from alcohol-related abuse, and to prevent them from engaging in petty crime. The Pool was built and developed by the Department of Housing for the community and is managed by Royal Life Saving Western Australia. The ABC reporter Ben Collins provides a great insight into the community and the great difference a proactive Pool Manager makes in remote communities. Click on the link for the full report:  Fitzroy Midnight Swims           RLSSWA Pool Manager Aaron Jacobs with a small friend!    
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