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The 2014 Pool Lifeguard Challenge was once again sponsored by Commercial Aquatic Australia and LIWA Aquatics and was conducted on the 20th of February at Challenge Stadium.

The VenuesWest staff did a great job again in configuring the 10 lane pool into two 25 meter segments for the event.

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The Water Corporation has been working with LIWA Aquatics to trial data logging technology to monitor water use in aquatic centres. The technology has helped to identify hidden leaks and faulty equipment and improve plant management, all leading to significant water savings. A data logger is a small electronic device that attaches to the water meter and measures water use throughout the day (Figure 1).

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Please find below a copy of the LIWA Aquatics Strategic Plan for 2012-15. The document provides direction for the Institute for the next three years and aligns closely with the Department of Sport and Recreations SD5.

LIWA Aquatics is very proud to represent the aquatic industry in Western Australian and believes that what we achieve collectively makes a difference to our communities across the state in the provision of safer well maintained facilities.

Jeff Fondacaro
14 May 2012

The 2010 Pool Lifeguard Challenge sponsored by AVP Commercial Pools and LIWA Aquatics     was conducted on the 18th of February at Challenge Stadium.  The VenuesWest staff did a great job in configuring the 10 lane pool into two 25 meter segments for the event.  The pool, which was upgraded to 51 meters in late 2007 by AVP Commercial Pools to facilitate the installation of a boom, looked beautiful.

This year a record number of teams participated in the event which clearly demonstrates the support of facility managers in promoting the Challenge to their staff members and allowing them to attend in working hours.  This even came down the provision of specially designed shorts for Lifeguards in the City of Melville team.  The Lifeguard Challenge consisted of three individual events designed to assess both the physical attributes of the Lifeguards as well as their ability to react in the pressure a simulated emergency.

The results were, third place Fremantle Leisure Centre, second place Melville Aquatic Centre and the winners of the 2010 AVP Lifeguard Challenge - Beatty Park Leisure Centre.  Ryan presented awards to all teams and they were commended on their commitment and dedication to their roles as Pool Lifeguards.

 This year's event was a great test of the ability of our Pool Lifeguards and clearly demonstrated the support for this type of event by all the Local Governments involved in the Challenge.  It was a great result for all involved and Beatty Park Leisure Centre was a very worthy winner in a very close finish.

A young lifeguard working at Leisiurepark Balga with less than two months experience on the job has been instrumental in rescuing a young child that got into difficulty at the facility recently.

Not only was this a wonderful outcome for all involved but with support of the Community Times if featured on the front page a number of their regional newspapers.  The article promoted not only the successful rescue of the child but importantly the Watch Around Water message at a time when hot temperatures have patrons flocking to our pools.

The young man involved grew up in the Sudan and learned his swimming and survival skills through a work experience program at the facility.

Read the story at the link below.

The issue of having to exclude 18 year olds from your pool if they were not accompanied by a parent became a reality for a number of Local Governments in NSW.  The employment of security guards on busy days in our aquatic facilities is becoming more common place and the use of new technology such as Face or Thumb Prints Recognition may not be far away.

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This is the link to the new the Swimming Pool News website - the hardback journal has been informing the aquatic industry in the UK pool and spa industry since 1959.  It is worth a look at as the industry face similar problems as we do and this is a quality journal full of relevant information on a wide range of issues.

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The further growth and development of Watch Around Water is being enhanced through the partnership of Aquatic Recreation Victoria and Life Saving Victoria.  This article below demonstrates how well the community has accepted the program in its local pools and the positive benefits of parental supervision.

Given the tragedy at another Victorian Pool over the weekend one can only surmise if the outcome of that family's visit to their local pool may have been different if Watch Around Water had been in place.

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We have had yet another tragedy in a Public Swimming Pool in Victoria over the weekend.  With the hot weather and crowds of people enjoying the facilities please ensure you and your staff remain vigilant and continue to promote parental supervision and Watch Around Water at all times.

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For more than 16 years, John Graham shaped the direction of sport and recreation in Western Australia as leader of what is now recognised and the Department of Sport and Recreation. John led the agency during the 1970's and 1980's. The John Graham Award recognises his contribution to the industry,

In turn, this award is presented to a person who has contributed exceptional service to the sport and recreation inudstry over a long period of time. Representatives of each Peak Body each nominated one candidate from their sector , The John Graham award is then chosen from this elite group.                 And the winner is ..............................

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