The Safety Risk Audits conducted by Royal Life Saving on behalf of the Local Government Insurance Scheme continue to provide Local Government Aquatic Facilities with a very sound indicator of their compliance against both regulatory and best practice guidelines.

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This article appeared in a local Brisbane paper highlighting the issues that will continue to play out in Queensland as the typical model of coaches leasing aquatic council facilities is overhauled.  Local Governments are looking to bring the facilities back 'in-house" or at least out source them to organisations that will operate the facilities on a more commercial and service orientated manner.  It may well be that competitive swimming suffers in the short term but the long term winner may be the wider community you reassess their use of their local aquatic recreation facility

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The 3rd Annual Pool Lifeguard Challenge is scheduled for Friday 20th of November, 2009. The event is proudly supported and sponsored by AVP Commercial pools, LIWA Aquatics and RLSS.

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The collection and collation of injury research data by the Royal Life Saving Society for the past 8 years on behalf of the industry has been of great benefit to the LIWA Aquatics     members.  It has been able to highlight areas in the facility that posed the greatest risk to users and assisted in the area of training and professional development opportunities. To the facilities who have participated in this program over the past 8 year and to Royal Life Saving who have coordinated the program it is another example of our strong industry partnership and the industry owes you a great deal of gratitude


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The principality of Andorra sits high in the Pyrenees Mountain range nestled between Spain and Southern France. It is currently a prosperous country mainly because of tourism and its status as a tax haven. But what interest does it hold for those of us interested in all things aquatics, very simply one of the most remarkable aquatic and relaxation facilities in the world. 

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