The Interim Australian Standard AS 3533.4.5 Amusement rides and devices – Specific requirements - Waterborne inflatables was published in August 2012 with an expiry date of 6 August 2014. The objective of the Interim Standard AS 3533.4.5 is to provide requirements and guidance specific to the design, construction, operation and maintenance of waterborne inflatable equipment and facilities that will protect health and safety of both operating staff and patrons of these devices. As an Interim Standard, the document should be regarded as a developmental Standard and liable to future alteration.

Recognising the need for continued work on the Interim Standard AS 3533.4.5 Amusement rides and devices – Specific requirements - Waterborne inflatables, Standards Australia (SA) Technical Committee ME-051, Amusement Rides and Devices, has decided to extend the period for the Interim Standard AS 3533.4.5 until 6 August 2016.

The AS 3533.4.5(Int) - 2012 document with the new expiry date of 6 August 2016 will be published on 8 April 2015. An Interim Standard, which can be either an Australian (AS) or a joint Australian/New Zealand (AS/NZS) Standard, is a provisional Standard with a two-year life.

An Interim Standard may be prepared in a subject field where not all requirements have been finally determined or where national consensus is anticipated but has yet to be realised. An Interim Standard provides both a guide to the direction that future standardisation in the specified field may take and a mechanism to collect public feedback on the subject.

Standards Australia is conscious of the need for continued work on AS 3533.4.5 and remains committed to the openness and rigour of its standards development process. If you have any comments on an interim standard, please send them to
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