Capturing 'free' waste energy to heat pools in aquatic facilities, along with a cash back incentive of up to $25,000 to assist businesses in taking advantage of the latest in more efficient, cleaner and cost effective energy solutions, equated to an afternoon well spent for Leisure Institute of WA Aquatic (LIWA) members at ATCO Gas Australia's Operations Centre.

ATCO Gas Australia is Western Australia's largest gas distribution network operator and recently welcomed LIWA members, including representatives from Local Councils across the metropolitan area, to a presentation on the benefits of utilising natural gas fuelled co-generation and tri-generation technology.

Expert analysis was provided by ATCO Gas Australia, along with energy advisors Energetics and leading energy technology solutions provider Simons Green Energy, who explained the process of cogeneration and trigeneration and how natural gas, as a fuel source, is able to provide a range of benefits. These include eliminating the need to undertake any costly electrical infrastructure upgrades, cost savings from reducing electricity on demand charges, as well as reducing carbon emissions given electricity generated through natural gas cogeneration is around 50% more efficient than coal-fired grid supplied electricity.

ATCO Gas Australia is further supporting the financial viability of installing co-gen or tri-gen with a cash back offer of up to $25,000, which was warmly received.

"The natural gas network that ATCO Gas Australia own and operate has the reliability and capacity to alleviate electricity peak load issues and provide businesses with a solution that not only stacks up economically, but also reduces risk through energy diversity as well as being a more environmentally friendly way to supply energy needs," said ATCO Gas Australia President, Pat Donovan. "It was fantastic to have so many local council representatives and other LIWA members come to our Jandakot Operations Centre where we have a number of natural gas technologies in operation. We are committed and enthusiastic about further educating WA businesses and industry about these technologies, as well as assisting through our incentive program. We received some excellent feedback from the seminar and look forward to ensuring the benefits of cogeneration and trigeneration become a reality for Western Australian consumers."

Cogeneration is the process of producing both electricity and heat from a single fuel source, while trigeneration adds an absorption chiller to the process, providing chilled water for air conditioning or refrigeration. Housed in a self-contained unit on site, a natural gas-powered engine generates electricity, with the 'free' waste heat from the engine being converted into usable heat for a variety of purposes. Attendees at the seminar heard how this had been particularly successful in the leisure and aquatic industry with the heat used to warm swimming pools.


To support their work within the cogeneration and trigeneration markets in Western Australia, Simons Green Energy has established an office and maintenance facility here, bringing expertise developed over more than 80 years on the eastern seaboard.

Simons Green Energy CEO, Derek Simons, commented that the combination of a safe and reliable supply of natural gas through the ATCO distribution network, as well as an established and proven track record for co-gen and tri-gen technology successfully utilised in Australia and around the world, is creating significant interest across numerous industries in Western Australia.

"Businesses are looking for clean and affordable energy sources and both cogeneration and trigeneration technologies have the ability to provide cleaner and cheaper electricity," Mr Simons said. "With a focus on increased energy efficiencies to combat rising energy costs, the demand for cogeneration is growing fast in areas including manufacturing, aquatic and leisure centres, health care and hotels. Designing the right solution to suit a client's needs is paramount, which, in turn, ensures that return on investment is realised as quickly as possible and is sustained for many years to follow."

Additionally, ATCO Gas Australia is supporting the installation of gas powered air conditioning (GPAC) through a similar incentive program where businesses can claim up to $25,000 to alleviate some of the initial financial outlay. ATCO Gas Australia's 3,127sqm Jandakot facility is serviced by GPAC which has resulted in lower running costs and an improved Green Star rating, compared with electrical air conditioning systems.

For more information on the benefits of cogeneration and trigeneration technology, as well as GPAC, please contact Nathan Lude on +61 8 6218 1734 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit the ATCO Gas Australia website

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