The latest design, USA manufactured Pulsar 'System 140' dry chlorine Briquette feeder is proving popular with large commercial pool customers in Australia this season. Improving on a long established design of dedicated Pulsar feeders for use with Pulsar Briquettes (dry chlorine), the new System 140 offers a number of benefits for operators:

  • Most notable is the touch screen control panel which supervises periodic self flushing of the feeder and can shut down the system booster pump at quiet times, or during the night to save energy. A feed timer is also incorporated, but most commonly the chlorination is controlled by a BECSys or Ezetrol pH and chlorine control system which gives a signal to the control panel to activate chlorine feed.
  • The hopper and sump design have been improved to make the Pulsar chemical flow more smoothly through the feeder with less chance of product bridging in the hopper and sludge build-up in the sump. An optional Pulsar cleaning solution pump is available to dose a small amount of de-scalant into the feeder at night, if required to keep the system clean at all times.
  • These units now have less parts and the key parts are more accessible for simplified servicing and changeover.
  • Overall dosing is more accurate and efficient, with less requirement for feeder cleaning and maintenance.
  • Pulsar Briquettes are a very easy and safe form of dry chlorine to handle, with minimal dust. A scoop is provided to assist operators to top up the feeder making the system pleasant to use.

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