Based at the University of South Australia Business School, CERM PI is a leader in customer service quality research, and operational management indicators in the sport and leisure, tourism and hospitality, and event industries. Our team of internationally recognised researchers work with local, national, and international clients to provide detailed analysis and reports based on service quality and operational management helping clients to develop and benefit from a culture of evidence based decisions for performance improvement.

CERM PI benchmarking provides Councils and Facility Managers with critical information about their customer service and operational performance to grow a strong base of loyal customers who are willing to actively promote those facilities and services within their communities. CERM PI, based at University of South Australia, is a national leader with over 25 years ofexperience in customer service quality and operational management performance indicator research in the sport and leisure industries.

Benefits to members undertaking the survey:

• Confidentiality of data: facility names are not disclosed, and raw data is protected by strict university confidentiality protocols
• Provides facility managers with a true and accurate sense of how their venue is performing against industry standards
• Invaluable data for decision-making by identifying areas which require investment
• Ability to report back to stakeholders on the financial return on their investment in these assets (greater transparency and accountability)
• Reliable data provided by an ethical and highly reputable institution (independent partner)
• Supports funding requests from local and federal government for facility expansion or new developments
• Long-term comparison of previous years’ results (by taking over multiple years)
• Highlighting areas of strength, areas to monitor and priorities
• Proving data for strategic and business planning to help set targets for operations, programs, staff, budget, etc
• Support the industry by contributing to improve quality & standards
• Savings from greater efficiency, improving bottom line outcomes and competitiveness
• Improvement of customer retention (5 x cheaper than customer acquisition)

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CERMPI is partnering with LIWA to offer a special bundle for their members:
Customer Service Quality Survey + Operation Management survey at a significant discount, based on the number of facilities that sign up until 30 June 2018.

• Discount applicable based on the total number of LIWA members signing up until 30 June 2018
• Includes a complimentary subscription to CERMPI National Operational Benchmarks (worth $ 500)
• Customer Service Quality Survey can be taken at any time convenient to the facility
• Operational Management Survey data will be collected from September 2018

Major benefits for the WA Aquatics industry:
• Raising the standard of the industry and achieving performance excellence
• Increasing transparency and accountability
• Providing evidence-based information to secure funding from local, state and federal government to develop or renew facilities
• Strengthening the sector and its long-term viability
• Informing and influencing policy and decision-making
• Assisting in business planning and KPI’s setting



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