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Re: Social Value Modelling of Leisure Centres

Thank you for those who participated in the Social Value Modelling of Leisure Centres project. A number of participants have already returned the data inputs spreadsheets for the project, however some have requested an extension. There has also been several request for clarity on some of the club/activity estimations. We have extended the data collection until Monday 18th March. Can you please let me know by return email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are able to complete the data input by that date.

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I've spoken to a number of sports clubs and Leisure Centre Managers on the use of leisure centres and thought I'd take the opportunity to provide some input/assumptions/guidance that may help in your calculations for the health benefit and volunteer hours.

1. Club Based Basketball, Netball. Volleyball, Soccer, etc
Health Effective - Club based sport generally train once per week (60 minutes) and play once per week (40 to 60 minutes) = 100+ minutes. This assumption means that 100% of club based sport qualify as health effective.
Volunteers - When calculating volunteer hours a team generally has one coach and one manager who are present at the training and games for the season. If we assume the season is 20 weeks this equates to 1 coach + 1 manager x 100minutes x 20 weeks = 66 hours per team. If there are 200 players = 20 teams for basketball. Total hours for basketball equates to 1333 volunteer hours

2. Swimming Clubs
Health Effective - Club based swimming is at a minimum of twice per week for at least 40 minutes. This assumption means that 100% of club based swimming is health effective.
Volunteers - most of the coaches are paid, however there are many volunteers for administration, time keeping, etc. estimate is 0.5 hours per member.

3. Education Department Lessons
Health Effective - as they run for 10 days x 30 minutes they are considered 100% health effective. Simply place in the number of Ed Department participants.
Volunteers - swim coaches, teachers etc are all paid. No volunteer hours

4. Centre Run Learn to Swim
Health Effective - only if participants are coming twice per week
Volunteers - nil

5. Centre Run Squads
Health Effective - Assuming that participants swim twice per week therefore 100% health effective
Volunteers - nil

6. Centre Run Sports
Health Effective - Generally these sports do not train and are only run as competition for approximately 40 minutes. If this is the case Centre based sports do not qualify and will not be counted in this model.

7. Members
Health Effective - we are assuming that members are at a minimum attending twice per week at 40 minutes per session. This assumption means that 100% of members are health effective.
Volunteers - Nil

8. Casual Group Fitness
Health Effective - We would assume that casual group fitness are not attending more than once per week otherwise it would be more economical to purchase a membership

9. Casual Swimming
Health effective - this will need to be estimated based on whether you think participants come more than twice a week.

10. Other Centre Activities - these are generally groups like Prime Movers or centre run activities and will need to be gauged on a case by case situation.

If you have any doubts or want to discuss further please give me a call on 0451 993 526. Generally the collection of data should be relatively simple and take no more than a few hours. The hardest part will be the collection of registered players from each of the clubs, however most of this should be known if they are affiliated with the SSA. I have also set out a letter template for the clubs that you can send for the data collection if needed (please see attached letter template for clubs if required).
Thank you again for your help everyone and please give me a call if you wish to discuss or if you need any help.

To download the Entry Data Templates and the Information Session Pack click here

Kindest Regards,

Leith Fradd
Executive Officer
Parks & Leisure Australia (WA)
Ph. 0451 993 526


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