40th_logoThis year's conference represented a very important milestone for LIWA Aquatics in that it saw the recognition of 40 years of history and the development of the Institute from very humble beginnings in July 1969.  The Institute was born from the need of a group of Pool Managers to take control of their own destiny who had common goals and objectives.

In those early days, the connection of these managers meant they had begun to develop a crucial network that allowed them to start regular communication and interchange ideas and overcome problems.  It was really a support network that developed with shared experience with everyone contributing for the greater good of the industry.  We also saw the emergence of an industry and career pathways that we now all take for granted as the 'aquatic recreation industry'.  The work of our past members should not be taken for granted as it established those networks that LIWA Aquatics continues and is so proud of today.

These individuals demonstrated a passion for the workplace that set the scene for the modern facilities that are being built today and facilities which are often the recreation and social hub of our communities.  It was wonderful that at the Annual Dinner this year we were able to be joined by three of the 'originals' who were instrumental in determining the early direction of the Institute.  To have Fred Smith, John Robertson and George Green share the gala evening was very special.  Both George and Fred were at the first meeting in 1969 and we still have the original receipt for Fred's membership when he paid $3.00 for his 12 months membership!

This is a wonderful history for LIWA Aquatics and some of the current board and members of LIWA Aquatics have worked with some of the 'originals' in the past.  As an industry we are very much in their debt because from those humble beginnings 40 years ago LIWA Aquatics has developed into a Peak Body that clearly demonstrates its capacity to deliver on a range of outcomes and continues to provide a great network for our members and stakeholders.


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